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He's been through a lot worse than a few Hollywood rivalries.Featured on the cover of the new issue of magazine, La Beouf opens up about many things, including his rough childhood, which involved living in a poor neighborhood with an ice shavings-selling clown mom and heroin-addicted dad who accosted executives on the set of his Disney Channel breakout show, "Even Stevens." It wasn't the typical crazy Hollywood parent relationship, though; La Beouf went out of his way to make his own breaks, hitting open mics from an early age and calling agents and casting directors in hopes of breaking out of his troubled home.She never said one bad thing about him when she got canned from the franchise, even though she was blowing everyone else up with her claims.

Sometimes, the truth hurts like a fight on moonshine or three flip car accident, but that doesn't worry the young "Transformers" star.He immediately stuck out at his audition for his Disney Channel show; La Beouf performed an old Lenny Bruce comedy monologue.Finding his way from child star to number one choice for major franchise films, old and new, La Beouf admits that he bristles at fame -- and also enjoys its benefits. Megan has been engaged for over a year with Brian Austin Green who was in Beverly Hills 90210 and right now is guest starring in Terminator: The sarah Connor Chronicles. It's one thing to turn up the controversy when you are promoting a movie, but this was really low.

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