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You can also view images of checks cleared early each business day in order to determine funds available for investments or short-term borrowing needs.

Portable computers are used to register them as they are being seen by a doctor or nurse.

Leading the way, our Emergency Department became the first in the region in 2005 to open a "No-wait" Emergency Department, offering bedside registration to reduce wait times.

In June 2010, we doubled the size of our ER and expanded new Fast Track area so that less critical cases could be seen without taking a back seat to more urgent ones.

Our specially trained and accredited physicians and nurses are ready to deliver quality emergency care 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year.

We are a designated stroke center, meaning we have the expertise to administer the necessary care to prevent long-term disabilities How does a no-wait ER differ from a traditional one?

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